lack of light

it’s been a weird weekend. friday night was completely fun, and we even ended up at denny’s for a big texas chicken fajita skillet! it was great to see so many people out and enjoying themselves. i ran into someone who i had not seen in years and years on friday night.

i have a bunch of housework to do — mostly sorting out papers that have been sitting dormantly on one of the two desks that my computer sits at. i have a tonne of stuff to recycle and a bunch more to file. i loath filing. i can do it, but to do so effectively requires some organization real physical space. which i don’t have.
so instead i have procrastinated by sorting through my iPhoto collection. it is at over 6000 images, which is a bit too high for iPhoto. it runs like a slug with that many images. i found some other thumbnailing software but it lacks some of the cool features that iPhoto has.. unfortunately.

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