lab color: lightness, a

lab color: lightness, b

rgb color: r,g,b
my personal favorite of the bunch is lightness, b.. love those colors in lab mode.
almost all the images you see on this site are unaltered. that includes the trippy night time ones. so if you aren’t sure what is fake and what is real.. well, it’s almost all real. but the human eye doesn’t see with a 15 second exposure really..
i plan on altering more of the photos i take .. some photographers object to changing images after they are taken.. and i agree.. i think there is something to be said for a plain and unaltered image. that being said, you can do some really [censored] cool stuff in the shop. so i am going to do more because i enjoy it! if anyone ever wants to see an original of an altered image.. just comment and i’ll post it.

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  1. it’s not about it looking like real life, it’s about looking how it looks when you decide to share the view. i don’t alter lots, but i do alter when i need to get something more; it about what i saw, not what the camera chose to see. i don’t think of alteration as that much different than varying exposure, or filtering, or, in the case of emulsion, selecting the film. what matters is what comes out at the end.

  2. Painters aren’t constrained to portray everything realistically, so why should digital photographers be? Many color changes can be accomplished in a print lab for film, so why shouldn’t you be allowed to modify colors?
    Count me in the group of people who thinks it is more than OK to mod digital photos. I do it a little on my site, but I try to keep them as real as possible.

  3. haha! I remember you making that page in an oldass version of netscrape! I didn’t know it was still around!

  4. something about lightness a really does it for me. I think it’s the hue that is brought too the concrete and the pavement and that kinda pale emerald green of the lawn, contrasted against that red from the flowers, very striking. It’s almost like something out of alice in wonderland… somehow it conjures up the feeling I got from that movie.

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