P4 vs. G5

it was noted to me today from erik, who is an expert on all things speedy and to do with computers, that the benchmark tests that apple did for the G5 vs. P4 were not truly representative of reality. this doesn’t surprise me — companies bend stats the way that is advantageous for their own […]


i came home from work yesterday and went to sleep. i just woke up.. hardcore!! 14 hours of sleep!! i am never up this early on a saturday morning. well hardly ever. nobody else seems to be awake. if it is going to be a sunny day, i think i want to go to the […]


this is very interesting for anyone in victoria who uses moveabletype: http://movabletype.meetup.com/ in fact, the whole meetup.com idea is pretty interesting. i have always been into online geek real life conferencing (or “meets” as they are referred to by most people) and this is a neato looking tool for such planning. if you are in […]