levels of intensity

i think that last night was the 3rd or 4th time i have seen baraka. they were playing it at cinecenta last night and i went with craig and erica. we bumped into julie, gerry, sandra, paul, tammie, morgan, leslie, james and monika at the theatre and talked a bit about the movie after.. but i think i need to see it again. it is one of those movies that has a lot of different connections going on and every time i see it, i find a few more than i had found before.
if you have never seen baraka before, i implore you to view it and certainly on a good screen with a good full-range stereo. the soundtrack of the movie is incredible. of particular interest is the power that Dead Can Dance’s ‘The Host of Seraphim’ holds in the movie. watch and you will see. if you have seen, then you know, even if you don’t know the title of the song. just intense.
today is friday, meaning once again i am on the radio. today at 3 pm, resonance airs on 101.9 FM. there is real audio streaming live from the station as well, which is available as a link from the resonance website under “listen”. last weeks show featured freya and it was a superb set indeed, very appropriate for the radio. today we feature AJ McEwan, a local drum and bass dj that is sure to rip it up.
the show is once again 1 hour — it was 2 hours for most of the summer, but we were essentially doing a fill-in for the show ‘pardon my french’ after ours. the dude who hosts that show went on tour with his band and had a rad time, and we had a rather rad time doing the extra hour. 1 hour is just so .. short. damn.
this morning i am in to work early. i banged my head on the van door while getting into the van this morning and i feel a bit out of it. i hope i come-to before any of my meetings this morning. i bought a bunch of new tea and some of it is caffeinated.
that should help.

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  1. yeah baraka was really cool. was cool bumping into ya. I didn’t think there would be nearly as many people as there were there. was cool to see so many people interested in it.

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