weekend shots

here are some shots from the last 48 hours. myself and braeden headlined hush on friday night kenzie started off the night with some haus! pezguy and slurry sarah appears at hush it was charles paul’s birthday on friday. happy birthday, charles! keep moving! braeden djing there was an awesome crowd out on friday night […]


well i worked all week, some extra hours, got tonnes done, still not as much as i wanted to get done. i got home from work 2 hours ago, i have burned 2 cd’s, made a tape, printed off 10 pictures. wewt! headed over to andreas to check out her “eyeball” video. hmmmmmmm! tonight i […]


i left work at about 8:30 tonight.. listened to my voicemail. station manager randy from 101.9 FM left a message saying that they are pre-empting resonance just for tomorrow to do a live broadcast of .. i am not sure what. that’s okay, we rescheduled neofunkcian to the 26th and marlee will still be playing […]

thursday is anti-terrorism day

according to cbc.ca’s latest 9-11 story, india has declared thursday to be “anti-terrorism day”: India declared Thursday to be “Anti-Terrorism Day.” http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2003/09/11/memorial030911 my questions are: is anti-terrorism day a holiday? every thursday is anti-terrorism day? what does that make every other day of the week? what kind of gifts are exchanged on anti-terrorism day?