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here is my feedback-letter to Apple re: new 40 gig iPods:

40 gigs is amazing. I have a minidisc recorder that can’t even come close.. however, my MD can RECORD audio, so recording interviews and my DJ sets is possible. I can not do that with the current models of the iPod — the iPod lacks an audio-in port. There are other MP3 players on the market that already have .WAV or .AIFF recording abilities, but I’d like to support Apple’s iPod, especially considering the volume of storage space.
The advantages to recording directly to .AIFF are huge. I could transfer the audio files of my radio interviews directly to my G4 733 tower and do the sound editing and mastering without having to re-record from the minidisc to the computer — time consuming and potentially a pain in the butt considering OSX isn’t the best for recording live audio (OS9 fared much better, but it was still time consuming all the same.)
Additionally, some of my live headlining slot DJ sets go for up to 3 hours — far too long for a MiniDisc. An iPod that is able to handle live audio input and record it to .AIFF through dual RCA’s or a headphone jack (like the MiniDisc players) would be ideal because there would be no compression and I wouldn’t lose another 3 hours re-recording it to my G4 tower. I could also use it as a handy solution to record my radio show directly from my radio station.
The iPod could become the rockstar or DJ’s best friend with this ability. You would definitely have more of my money.
Best regards,
Davin Greenwell
dj ariz0na
CFUV 101.9 FM
host, producer, resident dj

hopefully this strikes a beatmatch with their inner DJ. i’d love to be able to do all of this. you’d see a lot more recorded sets posted to the website — i just don’t have the time to re-record my sets from minidisc to computer.

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  1. I have been demoing my music to potential clients with a http://www.digitalnetworksna.com/shop/_templates/item_main_Rio.asp?model=262%5DRio Nitris , but I hear the Ipod stores more. But it also costs more. Which one do you guys use?
    I also saw that 1-800-Flowers is giving away a new Ipod everyday for a month. So i am hoping to win one. You can enter without purchase too, although I did by some flowers for a cutie 🙂 The giveaway is here:

  2. I have a 40GB iPod its great but yes… It does not record broadcast audio. It also does not have seemless playback between tracks on a mix CD. It adds its own additional strip of silence (anywhere between 0.257-0.5 secs) which frustrates me to no end. My friends and I have come to call them ‘micro sleeps’ becuase that’s what you have to do not to notice them between tracks. Other genres share the problem. Opera, Jazz, HipHop & Original Sound Tracks. I use Macs. Have done for years so the iPod is the only choice really. I just wish they would sort this problem. Creatives NOMAD series have seemless playback>>>
    If you’re interested in AAC vs WMA vs OGG etc visit;

  3. I have a suggestion for the ipod but i dont know where i have to write it for apple to read it… could you help me by sending me a mail telling where i can please?

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