thursday is anti-terrorism day

according to’s latest 9-11 story,
india has declared thursday to be “anti-terrorism day”:

India declared Thursday to be “Anti-Terrorism Day.”

my questions are:

  1. is anti-terrorism day a holiday?
  2. every thursday is anti-terrorism day?
  3. what does that make every other day of the week?
  4. what kind of gifts are exchanged on anti-terrorism day?

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  1. celebrate anti terrorism day by:
    Invading a house in an impoverished area of your hometown, and looking for weapons of any kind that might be used to hurt anyone. If you fail, kill all the children, and pull all the toilets and sinks out of the house. Offer support to help rebuild, but don’t really give it. Declare a win for “Justice” by driving the owners of the house to other areas.

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