this chair be high says i!!

september 19th is talk like a pirate day so don’t forget to pull out your outlandish vernacular on this very special upcoming date.

john wants YOU to talk like a pirate on september 19th!
i saw pirates of the carribean on the weekend. as predicted (by me), johnny depp was rad in the film and (of course) stole the show. not that anyone else had a chance..
the acting was great, the governors daughter was mega hot, the special effects were superb and the whole mood of the film was quite cool. it clocked in at 2 hours and 23 minutes, but that isn’t long enough in my books. yeah yeah, i like movies to be at least 3 hours if they’re good ones. only the bad ones need be shorter than 2 hours.

colin contemplates life without the muffin
colin is applying for work in the uk and is planning on moving in the next month or two. i’ll be sad to see him go but i understand the situation he is in with regards to employment and victoria. it’s tough out here!!

those look like japanese frames. are those japanese frames on emmy?
i’ll be going for coffee with emmy tonight. last time we went it was for spyguy’s going-away. although spyguy didn’t know about it until too late (he had made plans to play video games) we still made a ‘toast’ to him with our coffee-like drinks and drank said drinks to his success. he is spending his first full day in vancouver today.

erik gives the essential obvious expression to the camera
when i say i am going for coffee, that doesn’t mean i am drinking coffee. i rarely actually drink coffee when i ‘go for coffee’. it’s more like, i am going to this place, and the place sells coffee, which some people may purchase. ya got it?

justin smiles for the camera
justin gave me a CD today with 2 new tracks from DJ Brian and John Kelley under the moniker of “Phonetik” — both rather large breakbeat tracks. i am not sure what record labels these will be coming out on, if any at all.. but they’re great tracks and they’re more of what i need in order to do another giant featured artist mix. the highlight on the CD is the Phonetik remix of Formulate (Justin)’s “Johnny Brooklyn” which is given the impossibly large sireny breakbeat treatment in the finest order. the final track on the CD is the new Formulate track called “No More” — very percussive, solid track.
nathan played me some of his new tracks last night. i have lost count of how many he has made. i haven’t made anything in a long time. not that i am not inspired, i just don’t have time to sit down and make music like i would like to. soon enough.. soon enough..
at work i listen to tracks, all possible pieces in the puzzle of my next mix or CD. i have found quite a few gems and i am refining the lineup for my next CD in particular. i am very close to being done.. pretty exciting!

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  1. DAvin, I am having a computer problem… My connection to Kazaa seems to be very slow, do you have any ideas? Please help me. What is a boy supposed to do in Nanaimo?

  2. Kev, when you are using Kazaa, you’re essentially giving your bandwidth away to other Kazaa users that download stuff from your computer. The reason why your connection may be slow now as opposed to before is because
    1) you may be downloading more than before
    2) people may be downloading all the stuff from you that you have downloaded from other people, making your computer a big slow kazaa server while you’re using kazaa.
    The way to make your computer and your connection faster is to get rid of Kazaa and install Kazaa light instead. Hope this helps!

  3. yar de yar de yar de yar de yar de!!!!!!!!
    Arrrr I thunk that talk like a pirate day
    should be a national thingy and you go
    to ye ol’ dungeon if you no talky liky
    the pirate. Eye ya varmit?????
    You is such the foolish one…

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