weekend shots

here are some shots from the last 48 hours.

myself and braeden headlined hush on friday night

kenzie started off the night with some haus!

pezguy and slurry

sarah appears at hush

it was charles paul’s birthday on friday. happy birthday, charles!

keep moving!

braeden djing

there was an awesome crowd out on friday night

yes! one of the most fun night’s i have had DJing in recent memory!

travelling to vancouver hours after the shots from above

mist on the gulf islands

arriving at the US-Canada border. standard tourist fodder

international boundary

well this is it. this is seattle minus the space needle. traffic lights, billboards, shiny buildings, street lights.

possibly the weirdest thing i have found in any bathroom anywhere. he didn’t build the toilet, it was just dedicated to him. “here, have crap from 2 million people! we love you!” whut?!

back to vancouver. the control tower in tsawwassen at the ferry terminal.

welcome to the ferry that goes to nanaimo late at night from tsawwassen. keep moving.

moored in tsawwassen

massive departure to nanaimo!

the rotation of the ferry provides for some neat blurring of the sky and moon

not in service

self landscape

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  1. holy crap davin, the shots from the ferry are awesome!!! i *love* “moored in tsawassen” and the ferry rotation shot. incredible!
    looks like hush was a good time too. 🙂

  2. yeah, that ‘moored’ pic is very cool!
    hahaha, i look mad or something! *grrr* “i will not get older!”

  3. “massive departure to nanaimo” is my new favorite shot, although Midnite Blue’s “look at the clouds and mist!” still reigns supreme as my desktop background 😉
    Hush on Friday was some of the best times at a club I’ve had in YARZONS!

  4. I’ve just linked into this page from my friend Tom W’s blog (www.tjwood.co.uk), and I’ve got to say I love the photos! Also, I’m off to Vancouver for a year in just under a fortnight – it’s nice to see some cool pics of the place.

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