it seems like there is road construction everywhere in victoria. to get to the Claremont area i have to go around mt. doug park because they set up a play-pen area on a kilometer stretch on Cordova Bay Road for Don Mann’s excavation crew and they haven’t stopped playing tractor and dumptruck since early summer. no signs of them leaving. grunt!
on the way to work this morning (i go almost the full stretch of mckenzie) there were 3 instances of construction, although none were actually on mckenzie itself — shelbourne and craigflower and admirals (which is essentially mckenzie). i am seeing the road being dug up every day without fail here in victoria and i am wondering what all these crews are doing for us. i really have no idea — i mean how often do we need to change screws on the sewer pipes or drainage down there? natural gas? whut is going on?
thank you to all who took the time to pass on your comments about the pictures from the post below.. i was pretty happy with the shots i got and i am glad some other people enjoyed them as well! the picture above is from the sooke potholes a week and a half ago. skipping rock heaven there, i tell you.

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  1. indeed that place was quite the skipping rock haven. I’m not even sure how many crazies I saw that day, daaaamn! gotta try that tire swing next time I get out there, which with the way the weather is heading may be some time heh.

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