things in the works

There are a number of things going on right now. I guess I better make a list:

  • The photo above is of one of our African Zebra Cichlids. Yes, those are eyes inside its mouth. There are fish swimming around in there – it’s a mouth brooder.
  • The Victoria Electronic Music Festival is happening on August 2nd and 3rd. I am now the Creative Director of the festival and a big chunk of the responsibility is in organization and things that have nothing to do with Creative Direction. So I updated the website last night here – The Artist Application form is open until June 8th – we pushed it back a week to give more folks an opportunity to apply, so please do so if you’re intending on playing this year. We also have the volunteer application form up for those who want to apply to join the team that puts on the event – please have a look if you are so inclined!
  • The GDC Rock Awards are on Saturday and I am excited to be going to the gala event. Should be a blast to hang out with a ton of designers for a fine dinner and recognition of great design.
  • Google has started showing products inline on certain people’s google accounts when they do searches. What does this mean? Well for me, it means that AFK is showing up in searches in a more meaningful way. Have a look at AFK and Dustin H here, and AFK at Juno Download. That means that I can provide more meaningful links to buy my music now, instead of deeplinks into a Beatport flash-based store. This also means that Beatport has some work to do, as compatible sites start to have their products indexed by google. This has everything to do with the principles of Data Portability and I love seeing stuff like this roll out. If you snooze on stuff like this, and you have a big store, you will ultimately lose out as this movement continues to grow and gains momentum. Sure everyone surfs for music at Beatport right now, but that may change soon enough in the future as standards for music clips and music stores on the web begin to emerge, and multi-music store browsers emerge to gain popularity. I have many more thoughts on this subject, but they’ll have to wait.
  • My appearance on Proton Radio today has been postponed until Thursday of next week – May 29th at noon PST, or 3 PM EST.
  • The Sunset Room is having an anniversary party on Saturday the 24th and I’ll be DJing at the stroke of midnight. Hope to see you there!
  • My AFK remix of John Morgan and Kevin Shiu is coming out on Powerplant Music soon. Both the original mix and my remix will be in my mix next week on Proton Radio, so have a listen to that show if you want a sneak preview.
  • You can now use gravatars on my site – this means you can automatically have a photo appear beside your comment each time you leave a comment. Gravatars work on many sites and the way it works is you associate an image with a verified email address, which Gravatar then uses to identify you in blog commenting areas. If you have a blog and its powered by Movable Type or WordPress, you can use this on your own site as well. Installation of the plugin is dead simple and I was done in about 5 minutes.
  • I turn 30 on Friday
  • Matt Darey has been spinning Seismic – the track I wrote with Dustin H. He appears to like the Shiloh remix. Neat to see someone who has been so influential to me (partly via Lost Tribe) return the favor around a decade later.

Okay, I really have to go now. Ciao!

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