AFK on Pure.FM 2008

Pure.FM is an all-house/progressive house station so I decided to have some fun with that limitation. I started off with the Formulate remix of me and Thor’s Royal Assassin tune, “Turn of Twilight.” Formulate’s remix starts off pretty minimal but soon enough the layers come in a careful and clinical way. From there it’s straight into the breakdown of Quivver’s new “Surin,” an unsuspecting but utterly beautiful production from John Graham – one of the gems of 2008 for certain. This leads to Matt Rowan and Jaytech’s remix of Lush, my best selling track to date. Nick Muir’s “Airtight” is next as we prepare to take things up several notches in intensity – the layers really start to build here, as does the atmosphere. Traveller and Quests classic remix of Ocean Wave’s “Clearwater” gallops in and places itself square in the middle of the mix, emphasizing that yes – this will be four on the floor the whole way through. Another gem from the past, “Leaving Planet Earth,” is remixed by Dousk from drum and bass into progressive house. Nice work by Dousk there. The atmosphere begins to peak out with a new track by Retroid and Fretwell called “Vertical Horizon.” If you place all these track names together you get some sort of storyline here and it’s kind of neat. One of the de-facto progressive house tracks, in my opinion, is this Tarrentella vs. Redanka remix of Andy Ling’s “Fixation.” It’s pretty old – and it sounds it, but did you know it’s 8 years old? That’s older than it sounds. It has aged well, very well and fits nicely between that new Morphosis track and the new Pacific Front track, Seismic, which finishes off the mix. Thanks to Kennedy for having me on the show.


  1. Royal Assassin – Turn of Twilight (Formulate remix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
  2. Quivver – Surin (Original mix) [Boz Boz]
  3. AFK – Lush (Matt Rowan and Jaytech remix) [Proton Music]
  4. Nick Muir – Airtight (D-Nox and Beckers remix) [Vapour]
  5. Ocean Wave – Clearwater (Traveller and Quest remix) [Vapour Recordings]
  6. Talisman and Hudson – Leaving Planet Earth (Dousk remix) [Too Much Information]
  7. Fretwell and Retroid – Vertical Horizon (Michael and Levan remix) [Morphosis Recordings]
  8. Andy Ling – Fixation (Tarrentella vs. Redanka remix) [Hooj Choons]
  9. AFK & Dustin H – Seismic (Original mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
Download: AFK – Pure.FM: May 2008 (mp3)

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