thank you internet!

The internet is many things, and this very website is one of those things. The other things are somewhere else and I’ve been holding back a few links to those things for some time now – I’ve been waiting for an appropriate post to link from, however I have decided I am not interested in writing about all the stuff I want to link to – some of it yes, but not all of it. Plus I just don’t have time to write about everything I am interested in. Since I am on an internet-related post, I think it’s appropriate to link to some completely random stuff in no particular order:

  • Fred and Sharon’s Movies – Who needs a movie? You might. I have been sitting on this one for a while. This comes by way of Ken – who is so busy making websites for other people that he doesn’t have his own at the moment. Yes, this is real.
  • Silverio – yepa yepa yepa. Dance sensation. Apparently some people have not seen this yet. Occasionally worth referencing. Definitely worth knowing.
  • Two new mixes by djfractal – The second mix is what I want to point you at: Vainglorious, is all massive progressive house and other and, as the title suggests, glorious and certainly a bit vain, especially considering I am linking you to it because of the tracklisting. The only thing puzzling me here is the absence of any Royal Assassin work since that would up the vain-listing a bit – Royal Assassin is our alias for making epic music of deceit, wonder and such and such.
  • – This is a web service that will call your cell phone in case you lost it. This is most remarkable because of how completely exploitable it is. It looks completely and utterly abusable, but also looks like a useful service for the time that it will remain up. Quick, lose your phone so you can take legitimate advantage of this. Thanks to the superb lifehacker for the link.
  • PlaysForSure – oh dear. The essay is titled “the day the music died,” but don’t let this dissuade you from reading it. If you know anyone who uses the Microsoft Zune or MSN Music or any of the “playsforsure” services, this is a must read. Don’t wait til September to see baffled folks on the dinner time news complaining about this. It is happening and there is a date set by Microsoft already. Thanks to Darren for the link to the essay.

That’s all I can think of right now. Looks like I had a few things to say about each one. There are a few other things I love right now but I’ll leave them in 4chan for the time being.

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  1. “one hand knows exactly what the other hand is doing – they’re both giving you the finger”
    that’s brilliant. hope you’re well my man!
    p.s. that skull you drew would be PERFECT for my band… 😉

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