the mug of wisdom

justin and the mug of wisdom
just to clear something up – resonance continues as per usual. today is an extended 2 hour show — 3-5 pm with DJ Pants. random radio is its own entity! wooo! something really cool is this: justin (aka formulate) is preparing a production / mix set specifically for resonance. ooooo, this is going to be sweet.
i think one of these weeks i am going to see if i can stay in every night of the week. see how that goes. see what kind of production i can get in. when i stay at home i feel so productive. but.. i really enjoy going out. so.
i would like to duplicate me.

emmy and the mug of wisdom
i went on a bit of an interesting mission last night with emmy. we delivered some things to some very surprised people. those people didn’t expect to get what they received, which was tremendously ghilariousu and neat at the same time. so, to all those who we visited last night, thank you again.
i have begun to receive material for random radio via email from someone who rocks! yeah! i will be collecting the pieces saturday daytime so if you have material/stories/jokes to send me, do so please!
i am stupid. i just quit safari in the middle of the post.
good thing i have grown accustomed to this stupidness and i have learned to save posts regularly in draft form. yay me!

quentin and the mug of wisdom
anyways. i was saying that tim has a craaaazy music production studio now. he showed me around it last night and i learned a couple things while being over there, like for example that BIAS, the company that makes the mad crazy .AIFF editor known as ‘Peak’ makes a multitracker called Deck or something like that. Maaaan, it looked just like Logic Audio Platinum except i used it for half a minute and it did what i wanted it to! whoah! doood! forget logic audio platinum. really. i don’t know anyone that enjoys logic audio platinum. i have used it for a while and it seems like the dinosaur of multitrackers. it’s like quark xpress to a designer. i mean, i can use quark no problem, but that’s only after a long time of getting to know it and making a book in it. logic is a program i have spent some serious time in and have gotten nowhere. no fun! forget it. quentin has suggested nuendo.

charles paul and the mug of wisdom
i have been getting a bunch of responses from record labels asking for me to send them the Magnetic package. this week, charles paul finished a reaaaaally awesome experimental ambient breaks remix of Magnetic, rounding out the package and finishing the production side of the latest AFK project. things left to do: gather bios, copy writing for the track writeup and the bios, and pictures. then it’s burning the CD’s, printing off the finished 2-pager, and mailing off to the record labels, which i would like to do before the end of next week! jim has volunteered to do copywriting (i don’t know what i can do for him in return!@#) which is [censored] zope. thank you jim!
it’s going to be an interesting day today. apparently 8 inches of snow is expected.

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  1. That is one wise mug! I look forward to your random radio show Davin, and for when I can stay up and listen to it 😉 Will there be any mini-website for it where I might be able to read re-caps of the shows?
    Good luck with your Magnetic packages and the labels – I can’t wait to hear it!
    Snow – could be fun for photos and the weekend – but it is not fun to drive in.

  2. Personally I LOVE driving in snow. Although I guess you have to watch out for all the idiots who don’t know how to drive in it. Like people in their big SUV’s who think just because they have four wheel drive and can accelerate faster they think they can actually stop faster.

  3. Weeerrrrd.
    hey if you want a *cough* EVALUATION
    copy of nuendo, let me know next time
    you see me online.
    it’s truly badass.

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