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  1. I’ve never seen those pictures except on the canucks homepage and on the dist’nctive (whaaasssup with that “‘”, anyway!? =)
    The only banner I would ever click on is a geocities banner, and then I would only click on it while at a geocities webpage. Why? Because! That’s all you ever see at those sites, they cover everything! =D

  2. *gasp* you mentioned Hybrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you know that Brent C. had a chance to bring them in but declined because he didnt know if people would come!!!! I emailed him and pleaded but alas, he said prolly not :((( I can sympathise with his reasoning …… BUT, c’mon…. it’s Hybrid. I was at a loss for words, and couldn’t respond with more pleadings

  3. I would click on a banner that said, “You have won a thousand dollars! Click HERE for details!!!” because, you know, what if?
    Also, one that said, “Attention Aaron Dragushan. Clicky clicky.” That’d kinda catch my eye too.

  4. I have long ago filtered banners out of my vision. I actually am taken by surprise when I notice one. Usually it is a Blink Blink Flashy Flashy banner that goes against all design and colour guidelines, and annoys the hell out of me.
    Canucks, I would click thee.
    Ps. Dub A, haven’t you seen the ‘you have won a thousand dollars?” ones. They annoy the hell out of me too 🙂

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