half eaten banana

with a half eaten banana, staring out the window, yet typing at the same time.
i’ve spent the last hour listening to coldplay and surfing blogs. it’s just gorgeous out but it’s also really cold. i really really hate not being mobile on days like these. i would have gone to the beach, i would have walked somewhere scenic.
tonight a bunch of us are going to go out and distract ourselves from what we miss. don’t get me wrong, we have lots of fun together.. i figure that .. as soon as i figured out how on earth you can take a left on bowen to go north on the island highway, no matter what end of bowen you are at, nanaimo lost a bit of it’s mystique. haha, nanaimo .. mystique. . really. i said those two words in the same sentence.
though there is some still. i haven’t yet been to ‘the abyss’ here. i have been told about it and the view from on top, and i really want to check it out. i think on a day like today, it would probably be spectacular.
strange thing about writing .. it’s hard for me to start and then when i get going it’s easy as pie. mind you, i had a bunch of distractions here in the office, but they’ve all gone home now.
and i should too. i was off about an hour and ten minutes ago. i am kind of in the mood for a nap but I will probably not nap.

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