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  1. eh!?
    Well folks, let’s play “Just really HOW MUCH sleep shall Davin wrench from the evil dark claws of Nonrest this eve”!!!!!
    Join us as we embark upon a mad journey of royal craziness in search of the point of our travel!!!!!! Along the way we will question our sanity, question MY sanity, and maybe, even, possibly, somehow find the magic rock within which the answers to all our problems MUST LIE!!!!
    Along the way we shall meet and sequentially slay Robby the Bandit, 31337 the taxman, and maybe weave our way through the red tape to Gordon Campbell’s Dark Lair of Wine-fueled cars!!!!!!
    But beware!! The path to whatever the valuable gem of possessable glee it is that we are questing for is fraught with peril of the highest degree!! However, we are not helpless in our journey! For, we have the following indispensable weapons of ancient timeless forgery of yore at our disposal!
    * Dirt, for running on
    * A Camera, for, uh…taking pictures of stuff
    * A spoon we forgot to put in the sink
    * Mp3s
    Hahaaaa, yes, we are unstoppable! Now, we shall begin!
    –> You have encountered a Hillary Rosen.
    You: What!? ACK! What is this evil!!
    Hillary Rosen (Belly laugh): Ho Ho Ho, you cannot stop me, you insignificant file-sharer! Prepare to be squashed by my ass!
    You: No! Prepare to Die!
    –> You hurl the mp3s at Hillary Rosen.
    Hillary Rosen (Ack-ing): Noooooo! I am melting!!!!!!!!
    –> You dance with glee at the evil giant’s downfall.
    –> * You have discovered a credit card from the Hillary Rosen.
    Yes!!! Now we can buy stuff from the General Store!! Surely we will find out that which is the purpose of our outing now! No foul recording industry rep shall attempt to foil our path any further!
    –> You have encountered a Little English Brat. He stands in your way.
    L.E.B(tm): ‘You see, there is no spoon.’ (the brat continues talking)
    –> You give the brat the used cereal spoon.
    –> The brat vanishes mysteriously!!!!
    It’s a good thing we didn’t wash any dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would have sucked if we couldn’t have gotten rid of that little hax0r!!
    We had better not encounter any more people before the General Store!!!!!!!!
    –> You encounter the Fabio.
    You: CRAP!
    Fabio: You cannot resist my hairy manliness!
    –> You throw the Camera at Fabio.
    –> Fabio picks up the Camera and begins taking pictures of himself. You sneak by.
    Phew! This sucks! I’m leaving! I’ve had enough of this crap! I’ve lost my mp3s, my Camera, but more importantly, I’ve lost my Spoon! That damn brat vanished with it! How can I eat my cereal that I will undoubtedly buy from the General Store!?
    –> You have encountered a government-class secretary.
    –> Before it can open its mouth, you run like hell, using The Dirt.
    To be continued..

  2. Well i wanna make a reply… i lost my sanity a long time ago and i can have better adventures than that… I must go to skool and battle off the hordes of walking skin things that move in sparaticle directions.. ignore the history teacher that is trying to prolong me everlasting summer… Attack the driver’s ed teach that haunts me with his hood taking skills and his spotting of the gameboy.. no more shall i pelt the english teacher with the used gum from under the table… I SHALL NOT RETURN FROM THE LAND OF THE LUNCHLADYZ…….. me:”miss lunchlady ladyperson, is this a burrito or pancake?” lunchlady;”son, that there is a hamburger” Rid me of the posion they surve, no longer shall it enter my body.. I leave skool and realize i left my ass in my chair in 6 period…. I go back and face the fat ass that bleeds gravy, for he tries to eat me when i go for my ass.. but i through a twinky and he leaves, well enough of my babbleing… reply if i need to create a out of nowhere, make you piss your self funny random sanityless story…
    TwEaKeR tHe BoY

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