the big picture

4.0 megapixels. mmmm. it always feels like time evaporates faster and faster every time i go back to victoria. there were plenty of plans, but only so much time. when was i going to sleep?

this is more of the same image, shrunk down a bunch. i had plans on monday night. i was going to watch a movie with julie, i was also going to go for coffee with nathan. neither happened. i stayed up until around 11 and then crashed. mmmmm sleep.
i wanted to go swimming with steve but unfortunately the pools aren’t open at 3 am. and i also wanted to go meet up with the ex-experience kru but there was no time for that either. alas!
i also wanted to meet up with some ex-coworkers from last work term at bchydro. getting a bunch of people together for an hour or an hour and a half is a bit difficult on short notice though. i think making plans ahead of time is in order.. i’m getting to this point where i should probably schedule my couple days off in victoria while i am still in nanaimo.

this image is shrunk down to display the entire picture.
today i didn’t get to play tennis because i slept in. i did, however, get to go on a nice walk on the breakwater. there’s something very relaxing about going for walks on the breakwater. nothing quite makes you feel like you’re in victoria like going for a walk on the breakwater, i think.
steph had some car troubles as we were departing for nanaimo again this evening. we drove around to several garages, just as they were closing, and weren’t told anything incredibly helpful. that’s when i phoned jim. we drove over to his place in james bay, he had a quick look at and was able to tell us what the cretins at all the other garages had no time to say. or didn’t know. either way, thank you very much jim! we made it up to nanaimo with confidence — which is important to me. i once had a car break down on the island highway and it was not a pleasurable experience, let me tell you. er, i just told you!
so out of the three above pictures, which would you consider to be ‘the big picture’?

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  1. the “more of the same” one for sure. we don’t need two complete balls, the detail on a partial ball with a whole ball in the background suggests the most.
    basically, the first is a “guess what this is” mess witcha shot, the second is balanced, and the third reveals too much – shadows and the court and whatnot, and has too much going on.
    #2=nice. even if they are all the same photo.

  2. huh. i thought i’d be all cool and such, and jim’s gone and said it beforeme. heh heh. yep, you asked for the big picture, and to me the middle one, “half_zoom”, says Big.
    also- the experience cru would like to hang with you too! let’s plan a thing. we can invite more people along if you want, as long as the three of us hook up in the same place at the same time.

  3. the second is my favourite as well, but really they’re all the same shot, just different areas of it. the last one is the whole thing.. the little thread looks awesome full size.
    and adrian, yes, let us plan a Thing. how about monday dinnerish?

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