ahh victoria

it’s great to be in victoria again, at least for last night, today, and tomorrow until afternoon. i did not hang out with colin and jill in the last couple days, but they are some of my friends who i did recently hang out with in victoria.
i just watched my first episode of american idol tonight. it was definitely entertaining, but more so because I was hanging out with two experienced musicians, chrissie and rich. the best of the worst is on thursday night. i do not think i can miss this.
anyway i am planning on playing tennis tomorrow morning with nathan. that should be good. it has just been awesome. i have a few rad pictures from when we played last week.. plus a whole bunch of others. i will probably post these tomorrow afternoon!

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  1. and HEY! when do WE get to hang with you? seems to me you & dub-a have to organize a little beer-swilling action sometime soon.
    or at least let’s converge and go menace jim at work one day. heh. it’s fun to convergeandgomenace.

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