punky macromaniac

hi. ya. it is friday night.
party up in duncan, there is also a party on saturday night. maybe i will save myself for that nite. i dunno what saving means. i want to play tennis tomorrow, but weather may prevent that from happening.
too. much. coffee. today. what!
i watched huckabees last night with The Amalia and jen. what a weird movie. good though, i recommend it. a bit different. i like that.
so i met with james roy and bruce beil today, and we are plotting for this years Victoria Electronic Music Festival. although i have no specific details to tell you at the moment, i can tell you that i am excited because we are looking to do some really cool stuff. and i am excited about that. woot!
our impromptu photogroffee proved to be a bit too improptu but i did get some cool shots regardless. in any case, it was good to catch up with james, adrian, and gurton.
going to go have a bath and then i am going for a drive with richard. after that i may drop by deep to see yoseff / maria / josh because i have not seen them in some time and i miss them. i may also go to duncan to see braeden spin, but that depends on who i get to go with me. i am feeling a bit tired right now (coffee burnout) so it is looking dubious. maybe i’ll go and hang out outside the entrance.

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  1. I hear you JUST missed me at “one love”…dood, you missed out on crazy fun with Bunny Amalia

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