this song no longer sucks

i am playing tennis tonight! that i am excited about. i gotta go do some stuff now. bbak.
hey it is my dad’s 60th birthday tomorrow. holy! i’ve been telling people he’s 60 for several years — now people will see that i’m actually right!
i saw this well off woman on the bus the other day. actually i see her all the time. she appears well off. unless you see her run each day to the bus stop to light up a smoke. i wonder who she is hiding that from. maybe no one. anyhow, she appeared to be a bit nutty while standing at the front of the bus yesterday, flirting with the bus driver. and then i wondered if insanity is a luxury.
well, after a week of thinking about it, i am not so sure about insanity being a luxury now. i think maybe i was on to something there. but mostly i think insanity and creativity are not that different. i think the difference is simply whether or not you use the people around you as a canvas for your creation. oh but some use people as a canvas and aren’t insane — so it’s still just a matter of perspective. hmmm. what are your creative outlets?
blog update: the dns servers ( through to have stopped functioning, so i am not sure when i get my domain name back on the site. oh lefty! have thou forsaken me..
i am addicted to Secret Agent Radio. “The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and P.I.’s too!” very much so. they have, as described, mysterious and quirky music. and very stylish. my life is now a David Lynch movie! bring on the weird [bleep].
i have a ton of pix from the weekend that i will post really soon. that weekend was good for unforseen reasons which i now see and am experiencing. interesting. hmm! that pic at the top, you can click on it for biggie version. yes.

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