mmm Oranges

i did not know this, but oranges make me crazy! i sliced up a big one today and it is not super flavourful but there sure is a lot of it. and eating an orange is a truly satisfying thing if it is not messy. this is not messy. i learned from somewhere that if you use a knife it makes things better in the orange world. i am here to tell you that it is true! yes, knives can make your lives better. and other things that rhyme. what!
i am beginning to think there is some more value to the livejournal approach as spam becomes more and more annoying. they have some built in measures to prevent spam and they were bought out by 6 apart, the same company that makes typepad and most notably, moveable type — the product that they made and now has made them.
i signed up for an account under the name “davinzona” so if you are on there, add me in so when i click on friends i get to see your entries automagically. integrated systems baby. i think it is safe to say that the whole pinging / blogspam has kind of tainted the blog experience for me and i am not certain how to deal with it really. there is money in spamming, there is no money in anti-spamming. so it will not go away. urggggggh!
well okay bye.

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  1. Haha.. it’s the only reason to have an LJ account
    It’s weird.. I love orange juice but I can’t stand eating oranges!

  2. You could try the system I started using a couple months ago on my blog. I use MoveableType, and installed a system to prevent spam that is way better than the crummy blacklist idea.
    There is now an additional field to fill in when you try to post a comment, which is an image showing a random number. You have to type this into a text field to successfully post a comment. Spam bots can’t do this, but real people can. I went from 100s of spam comments a week to 0. It works great! The plugin is called SCODE, it’s the best spam protection for this sort of stuff.

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