so long liam

me and khan first met liam 7 years ago in victoria. he had come up from seattle to see a dj named john digweed (dave seaman was there too). he got in touch with me because i had made the website for the event and i gave him a bit of info on victoria.
over the years we all became dj’s (ariz0na, liam sevier/ellusion, djkhan), never losing touch, keeping up with the latest music, and eventually bringing eachother to gigs and whatnot. we’ve hit a good chunk of the major progressive shows together in the pacific north west over that time and become really good friends.
on friday night, it was fitting then, that it was John Digweed DJing at a club in Seattle — the day before Liam was to move away to Phoenix, Arizona. so we went down Seattle this time to say good bye.
every thing changes .. nothing stays the same ..

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  1. Spent most of the night waiting on women, but eh, whatcha gonna do? GREAT time, great music, and hell, great friends. Thanks everyone for coming out. We have definately had our share of good times over the years. Countless memories that have been made and will NEVER be forgotten. So now I must bring Ariz0na to teh Arizona. Just got in last night from driving almost non stop Monday at 3pm, arriving in downtown Phoenix Tuesday at 1150pm (hey, when you have a six speed v6, why not?).
    Throughout the trip, reliving the memories made over the years and thinking, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Not even for J Digs.
    Thx mates.
    – Liam

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