entry one hundred and seventy eight

on a spur of the moment decision (is that redundant?), i decided to go back to victoria for monday night and tuesday day with emily. it was so relaxing. jebus it was nice. i think it was monday day time at the office when i yelled out “arrrrgh!! i miss victoria!”

so, i have that bug out of my system for a little bit anyway. back to work in the morning and hopefully i’ll get a better sleep tonight than i have in the last few nights that i spent in nanaimo.

that view is up on mt. tolmie from last night. i haven’t been updating lately, but that’s not because of lack of things to write about.. it’s just because i’ve been doing lots of stuff!

last week i went snowboarding up on mt. washington for the first time and i can’t wait to go again. i need to do some more working out before i hit the slopes once more but it was great fun and some more lower body strength will definitely help on the turns and stops. anyone can go fast down a hill.

as you can see, i also went rock climbing. that was a great work out and lots of fun. we went at this place called ‘the romper room’ and i definitely want to go again. it was my first time doing the indoor rock climbing thing.

devon, if you’re reading this .. you should go indoor rock climbing if you haven’t. . i think you’d love it. it rocks. haw haw!

also, we did our first set of elementary schools last week and it was good times once more. half the battle this time is not getting lost in nanaimo.. haha.

last night myself and jim went around with a spotlight and the G2 to see what zaniness we could perform with some darkness and time exposures.

we didn’t have a lot of time to experiment so i think we’re going to have to try again soon. like next time i come into town on sunday or monday! or even saturday night!

i haven’t seen it yet, but word on the street is that i’m in an interview in the local paper for the powersmart stuff. 7775 people came to see us in 3 days at home depot. that is 15550 lightbulbs that we gave out. yowza.

this is what i would call the “whut” expression. it’s not a gurn, it’s not a smile. it isn’t unhappy, and it’s not joyous. anyway. at this moment, myself and krishen are both at 178 posts on our blogs. neat! he writes more frequently than me .. he started his blog after me, so yeah. he caught up. and here i am saying “whut.”
like i said in a previous post .. last week had its up and downs, but it was really, overall, a great week.

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