psyt elite

so that red thing from that last post, that’s an LED red traffic light. neat huh?
this picture above is from the midnightblue photo series. it’s of brentwood and sidney from the malahat lookout. r0ck.
it’s been a pretty up-and-down week for me, but it’s been a good one despite some of the unfavourable events that have occured.
word to the mother bird.

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  1. Hope it’s all good, brother. In other news I may be able to get a new camera to replace the dearly departed– maybe as soon as two weeks. THEN we shall begin the epic adventuring. You, me, Jim, Dub-A, I’m sure Neil will want to come along. Good times and comraderie. woot!

  2. WHUT?!! This is the real Neil! I haven’t known any other Neil my entire life! You’re the Pseudo-Neil!
    ..Or are you? 😀
    Given the fact that nobody seems to use their real names on the interweb (eh? hehe), Gurton could easily be Neil and I could be….someone else.
    (\/)ü|-|4|-|4|-|4|-|4!!!! | 4(\/) |-|4xøR!!!! (\/)/-\|) $k|££z d00d!!
    At any rate, I’m not that. hehe

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