and so i snowboard

there’s a picture of me from this morning where i totally look like a surfer dude. except without .. well, you know, the surfing. i’ll have to post the picture next time i make it to victoria. which .. will be .. i am not sure. auuuugh, i need a usb port in nanaimooooooo…..
hmm, that got me thinking for a few minutes there.
this evening, myself, emily and saila went for dinner at Gina’s. it was awesome. totally gooder.
and tomorrow, we shall snowboard. awww yeah. i got these new zope airwalk snowpants for the event. they’re so cool i’d wear them anywhere and everywhere. well i’m not sure about that, but they’re definitely boss.
anyway, the mullet wig seemed to be a big hit with all the kids at brechin elementary. as they say in fubar, give ‘er. and that’s what i did.
turn up the good and turn down the suck!

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  1. what’s the secret to being able to wear a watch with a steel bracelet and still maintaining a healthy case of furry-arm? whenever i’ve had a watch like that, the first week it painfully plucks out all the hairs nearby, and then, when perfect bald-wrist it attained, there is stasis.
    also, can you get a usb adapt-taur card for the mac? would make your life even gooder.

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