the biz of the weekend

having my own camera back is nice.
myself and maria went up to a party last night near lake cowichan called stimulate. it was cool to see something going on that we had nothing to do with.. it was good to see some younger promoters putting on a successful party. tonnes of new DJ’s that had not spun out before.. some trainwrecking.. but tonnes of enthusiasm and energy. skills will come later.. some of the mixing was actually quite good, and there were a lot of really good tracks being spun.
it was great to see jessica, someone who i don’t see enough of ..
one of the girls working the islandkidz booth is named jessica as well, i helped her and jeremy get set up..
the waitress at the beagle yesterday that i went to college with is called jessica..

dinner at süze on friday night with chrissie and rich was just sooo yummy. süze is where chrissie and rich first met. later that night they showed up at the extreme 107.3 FM studios together. that’s when i knew chrissie had met someone special.. she brought him to the radio station! rich is one helluva cool guy. it’s awesome that chrissie and rich live close to where i work now.. i can drop by to visit them any time now! ha ha! so long süze.

the sheer amount of paper that collects in my room every month is insane! it clutters up my desk.
i wanted to show you something from monday magazine but their new web presence is a powerful display of the way not to put together a dynamic website. augh, it’s awful! here, look: some of the website looks old, some of it new.. and it bounces you to a portal to do all of this. weak sauce. and how do you search the damn thing? i hope they didn’t pay for their website.. by the looks of it, if they did, they didn’t pay much and they got what they payed for. heh.
so anyway, that old phone was a piece (nokia 5125). pretty good for a year though.. only the odd problem every now and then.. usually involving the battery coming off on its own.

i have a new phone now. it is a motorola T720. it’s a flip phone with dual LCD displays.. big color one on the inside (good for phone book navigation etc) and a little b&w on the outside which is good for call display, time, signal strength and battery power. neat little thing. it came with a clip but i think a clip and a phone like this is recipe for disaster.. its really little when it’s flipped in so it’s small enough to fit in my pocket and i wont even notice it’s there. so why put it out on my belt? yeah. forget that!
kimli is highly entertaining. i know her from STS days, a weird era of geeks of all subgenres uniting to make fun of eachother online ’cause they could and no one else had figured it out yet.
it looks nice out. today i want to get into the fresh air and also i want to work on some music. slept in yesterday, slept in today, and i’ve been taking care of stuff that davin needs to do. although uneventful, this has been a really good weekend and probably just what i needed.
listening to: Ulrich Schnauss – In All The Wrong Places

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  1. I read that thing you wrote and it was really amazing. Well written and very poetic in its own way. You are becoming a very prolific writer Davin!

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