moving into the blog

resonance will be moving into the blog tonight because our website (on is shutting down and moving to the conkrete concepts webserver! yay tech nerd junk!
i will be DJing on the show tonight from Midnight – 3 AM on 101.9 FM. expect to hear some new goodies from AFK, Tiebreaker and Formulate.. as well as others!
things are moving and shaking for pacific front recordings. we finalized logo this week and are working on finalizing a web design in short order. we have secured web space and are putting together a release schedule which is actually more fun than it sounds! we’re also scheming up remix competitions, gathering more people for a&r, setting up “flagship DJ’s” who will get Pacific Front material ahead of release schedule, and having a blast doing it! it is kind of daunting to realize how close we are to opening up shop. i don’t know what our timeline is but we seem to be moving a lot faster than i had realized was possible. justin is a big reason for this — he is a production machine and gets a lot done in a short amount of time. wicked! soon you will be able to hear all the AFK material i have been mentioning here for all this time..
there are few things cooler than designing, earl grey tea, ulrich shnauss, and burning rubber in the parking lot. okay that last one i didn’t do, someone else did.

congratulations to chrissie on her new job. so, so awesome! we’re going to süze tonight to celebrate über stylee. they close down TOMORROW NIGHT for good (rumor has it) so this will be great. i love their atmosphere, and although some find the music too loud and the drinks too expensive (adam pointed out [correctly] that they charge Laser Martini amounts for a regular martini), it was a vericool lounge-type place in a good location. katz in nanaimo is actually much cooler than süze. katz features live music and has a nice location and pulls off great atmosphere with their limited space. there is another place called “atomic” or something like that in nanaimo that is cooler than katz, but not by much. regular restuarant upstairs, cool lounge downstairs complete with DJ + turntables and very groovy haus music.
cooler than all of these is vista18, which is not so musical as katz or atomic or süze, but comes with a stunning downtown victoria view and ocassionally great service. i’d like competition to vista18 to open up somewhere. i like vista18 — they have great food and drinks, but a place that was 24/7 with food like denny’s on top of a tall building with more atmosphere [including live music]. you may laugh at that denny’s approach but if you rebrand the food and add a few pasta dishes and some wine selection, you have a geniusly accessable menu with a bit of class. there seem to be a few hi-rises being built and opening up in downtown victoria now (slight shades of Vancouver a few years ago, though not nearly the same scale) so we’ll see if anyone does anything interesting with their top floors the way chateau victoria put together vista18 way up high.
anyways.. i gotta run and meet charles for lunch! bye 🙂

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