screwed up!

it’s weird how as i feel more introverted i get more creative which makes me extroverted once i have stuff to show and/or play for people. what up with that.
my birthday party on sunday was really quite good. nathan volunteered to host the gathering after i told him about the uncertainty with the weather for julie’s place. the weather turned out great, but i had already sent out my invitation with directions by the time julie had decided to go ahead with her original plans. i would have liked to have gone over to her potluck as originally planned but i did not want to confuse people by sending out different directions twice in one day. i missed those who were not able to make it (too much in one day).. some did make it though, which was great! anyway, nathan doesn’t read this but i’d like to thank him for having me and my friends over. we weren’t too messy, i think. and thanks to julie as well for the potential potluck. hee hee hee.
i realized that i have a lot of friends that have not met eachother. erik was looking forward to meeting julie since we’ve known eachother the same amount of time and they’ve never met. what! and there was a whole crew of my buds from The Old House that didn’t show up for whatever reason i don’t know. i saw those guys on thursday though (at hush when i was DJing with azim) so it’s all good.
ooh, i gotta go!

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