Fractal – Oceanography

Oceanography is a really unique atmospheric breaks track. Fractal brings together many different sounds, synths, pads into several melodies, bass-lines and time signatures, all of which flow effortlessly from eachother. Rennie Foster steps in to do some remix work, focussing on the twisted piano from the original track over top of a pretty deadly techno groove. I also get involved under my AFK name and make it a little more dance-floor friendly but keep true to the ethereal nature of the original while slapping in a breakbeat in the middle (as I like to do) and also weaving an Oliver Lieb-inspired arpeggiation in and out of the track. Good times. All innocent and fun times in fact, until Toby Emerson steps in to do his remix and completely knocks it out of the park. Massive electro-prog basslines and synths drive this remix until a really dark breakdown hits. It’s pretty hot stuff. Caution is advised while dropping this one. Overall I feel that this a really solid release – a year in the making – and I’m glad I took the extra time to see this release through to be what it is now. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together. As usual I did the sleeve art direction seen above etc.

Question for you now – what’s your favorite mix or remix of the bunch? I wont be offended if you don’t say me, so please have at ‘er!

Release tracklisting:

  1. Fractal – Oceanography (Original mix)
  2. Fractal – Oceanography (Rennie Foster’s Thousand Fathoms Deep remix)
  3. Fractal – Oceanography (AFK’s Ucluelet Detour remix)
  4. Fractal – Oceanography (Toby Emerson remix)

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  1. they’re all good, but I especially like Rennie’s. I can see his remix nicely building a set in a club. I want to like Toby Emerson’s but while it’s a great track and good work, it’s not working for me.

  2. ucluelet detour

    Thanks to those who came out to my birthday-show last weekend at Sunset, and also thanks to the performers who did a great job, and Jason @ Sunset for putting it all together. A great way to celebrate another…

  3. This is awesome man!
    i love my earth science
    teacher for introducing
    me to this web site!
    thanks Mr. Redman

  4. Thor your original mix is sick!
    I would play that big time!
    As a matter a fact last weekend in the morning set would have been bomber.

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