queen of vancouver

On Sunday we were sailing back from Vancouver on the Queen of Vancouver, the Queen’s last sailing to Victoria as we were told over the announcement system. The Queen of Vancouver has been in service since 1962. You could always tell it was pretty old by the way it vibrates coming out of the dock – I’m sure this had a little to do with why they put the wooden rims on the tables in the cafeteria. After hearing the announcement, I decided I’d whip out the camera and gather some of the things that symbolized this boat to me over the years. Interestingly enough the camera was pointed at the ceiling most of the time – one of the signs that you’re on an old ferry is that it doesn’t really have a ceiling, but rather the bottom of the floor above. I always noticed that.
This ferry has taken me to gigs, friends, family, concerts, conferences, and I am sure a job or two. I’m sure I’ve made new friends on it, slept on it, ate on it, and a few other things as well. Although I’m sure that the amenities and capacities of the older ferry is statistically inferior to the newer ferries, there is a certain charm that is undeniable. Maybe it has to do with the old chairs, the exposed ceilings, or that ridiculous vibration that happens when the ferry backs out of Tsawwassen and heads into the Straight of Georgia. In any case I’m a little sad to see one of these go and it was pretty cool to be on the last sailing to Victoria.
More photos after the break.


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  1. Like.
    Great photos. Were you chasing that kid on teh deck? Haha! Those old ferries muster up a lot of memories for me too. Sad to see it go, but at the same time I really enjoy the comforts of the newer ferries.
    Good post.

  2. That’s awesome, Davin. Very cool you happened to be on its final voyage.
    I’ll miss those boneshaking vibrations, actually. There’s something kind of comforting about having your belongings thrown about to remind you you’re leaving the safety of the dock for open waters . . . =)
    And Craig, they TOTALLY need to make another boataurant.

  3. i was on this ferry about a month ago. hoped for the superferry or the new c-class, and when we went over the hump on the ramp and i saw which boat it was, i said “oh great, it’s the ass ferry”.
    while i too have my share of memories from trips on the old boats, it doesn’t sadden me at all that they’re on their way out. in fact, i tried to like the ass ferry this last time out but in the boat itself i could find nothing to love at all.
    caught the new c-class boat on the way back. absolutely wonderful for a ferry, i’m not looking back. all the same, thanks for the photos, well done and it is indeed a good way to honour the old queen,

  4. That’s interesting…
    I was on the Queen of Vancouver on March 12th and they made the announcement that it was the ships last sailing day. I thought I was so lucky to be one of the few to be included on the last day…
    I feel so cheated!

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