beware the ides of march!

Well now that the ides of march have actually passed, we can have a closer look to see if anything went horribly wrong. Hmm, just some snow in the middle of March. This photo was from Monday evening.
I have a few epic posts coming up, but what is most important right now is that I am on Proton Radio for the next two hours – tune in to proton here.
1:16 PM Update: there is a technical issue – the show should start momentarily. I spoke too soon! I may be done with the Ides of March, but the Ides of March is clearly not done with me.
1:39 PM Update: Show is rescheduled to start at 2:00 PM (21 minutes from now)
2:00 PM Update: Show is postponed until further notice. Sorry, I’ll post more information as it comes in from Jason @ Proton.

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