Tankers seem to loiter in English Bay quite a bit. Taken from Spanish Banks. West Vancouver in the background.
I have a couple shows coming up that I want to tell you about:

  • Saturday April 4th @ Whitebird Lounge – chill set at the lounge on Yates St. under the Odeon/Lyles Place.
  • Saturday May 23rd @ The Sunset Room – with Formulate/Humbertron, Toby Emerson, Natron, Stefan Alan and Metasin.

The Whitebird Lounge gig is a free event but you might want to grab a martini off of their epic martini list. No information on the cost of the Sunset Room show yet, but I will be on from 2-4 AM.

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  1. Great photo. I’ve been surfing before under the bridge in Vancouver and it is disgusting. I mean really, really toxic. *shudders*
    Wish those tankers weren’t allowed to pass through.
    Will you ever be performing in Vancouver?

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