saturday night done proper

well not quite proper, but damn close! filled with a lot of great friends, some chivalrous drama, and some great choons at the end. unfortunately i missed the vertigo action, but there’s only so much you can fit into the night. now .. i am up .. early it looks like! for some reason i could not sleep any more than this. it looks gorgeous out; i am going to grab a friend and wander the city. it has been quite worth being in victoria this weekend.. for many reasons..
“passionately enamored of this shadow of a dream.” –W. Irving.

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  1. and now (I’m sure it’s someone else’s fault) I am also awake and can not get back to sleeping.. but not nearly as early as you dorks! -misses her bed-

  2. i was also up oddly early considering the state of my head when i got home last.
    beautiful day, i’m wanderin the city too davin, maybe we’ll cross paths.

  3. i was up at 9:30 (on a sunday? unheard of!) and i went to bed after three! er, after two? i can’t remember with the time change. and then i went for breakfast/brunch and wandered the city with a friend. what a lovely day!
    i missed you at vertigo last night. but it sounds like you were having fun elsewhere. *wonders if that “some reason” you couldn’t sleep is a girl*

  4. i spent most of my day at the royal jubilee. i mean, i spent it wandering the streets of downtown! like all the cool kids!
    hospitals smell bad. i used to think it was all the old people, but now i’m pretty sure it’s just the food. and the old people.

  5. gurton: hehe
    ria: sleepyhead.
    alison: didn’t see you .. but the day was lovely.. but it got damn cold again.. whats up with that..
    julie: i was square! i am so sorry. regarding that “some reason”.. well, may be. 🙂
    devon: whut! yay.
    jim: ick. 🙁

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