seagulls gate

after much hmmmin and hawwing i am returning to victoria for the hallowe’en weekend. there are a couple specific things i am returning for (yes i am partly windtalking again) but all are good reasons on their own and combined.. well the choice is obvious. i’ll be on the 7 pm ferry over and be around until Sunday evening.
other stuff:
my haus-warming party, saturday november 6th at 6 PM! if you know me you are STRONGLY URGED not to miss this event. it will be a rewarding experience that you will want to tell all your friends about, making them green with envy. they will ask themselves “why was i not invited?!?”. oh yeah! so cool. pls help me feel welcome in my new place! housewarming gifts are such a cool idea. did i think of that one or did you!? i think we both did at the same time. if you don’t have one or can’t afford one, that’s totally cool. i expect you not to use that as an excuse not to come. no excuses. just come.
there are some other major items in the music world that are on the verge of happening .. until i get confirmation i best not blow my horn though.. i want it all to happen. things are happening that i want to happen. not everything, but a lot of things. and that’s from taking chances.. taking chances..
by the way .. if you are tuned into the fabulous proton radio, the internet’s best progressive house and breaks radio station, you’ll hear some familiar sounds starting at 10:24 PST.
time to get packing for tomorrow! hooray for casual fridays and backpacks.

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  1. damn damn double damn. I will be in Ucluelet that weekend. Having a fun time I might add, but I would have liked to attend the crib heating as well.
    Oh well you can just tell your Vancouver friends how cool I am.

  2. I’ll be in Vancouver on the 6th… but only to go to the airport… hopefully I’ll get to visit you on the way back tho… November 14th.. ;p
    However, have a .. good hauswarming!

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