surrey style bowling

you know, there is something so awesome about bowling in surrey. on saturday night jason introduced me to his friends that he grew up with and i was privvy to this unique surrey phenomenon that most outsiders could not understand unless they were in on it. indeed, as they called it, crazybowling in surrey was an experience..

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  1. *cough*mock bowling*cough
    Bowled in leagues (10 pin) for years til I tired of the inconsistant oiling of the lanes, and left one night never to darken their approach again; leaving all of my equipment there for someone else to stress over hahahaha. Same thing happened to me in golf….. I got pretty good, and when I would have a series of games that stunk, I would get depressed about it. Eventually, I quit golf because I couldn’t beat the game 🙂
    Bowling recreationally can be h00j fun though, specially if there is no pressure on you to succeed. You should try out the ‘rock’n’bowl where they turn on the black lights over the pinz and turn off the overhead lights
    btw…. I can’t seem to stop going to ebay to look at G6 cameras….. this could end up being big fun, but kill me financially. I want!!!!!

  2. uh oh… if you’re hanging out in surrey, it’s not long til you make it to white rock and then you’re going to run into people i know and it’s going to all be downhill from there! ; )

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