looks like a painting

i got two of my photos outputting on 18″ x 24″ matte, and i framed them tonight. they look awesome. i need two nails to hang them with. one of them is the stone lady and the other is the wasp.
when all is said and done, it’s $50 a pop for the framing and the large print. Expensive for a photo, cheap for a decoration.
i think the air in my appartment is making me sick. or the cold weather. i am going to sleep as early as i can tonight..

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  1. I love the stone lady and the wasp. Great photos.
    I miss being able to take off with your camera and take random pictures! Even though I have one here that I’m allowed to use all the time, it isn’t the same 🙁
    Hope to see you soon 🙂 Hugz!

  2. oh yah. i enabled the mailserver on davin.ws .. so if you have a blog .. you’re going to get all the mail you didn’t get for each comment on your blog .. i just did a sudo postflix flush .. haha

  3. The stone lady and the wasp are two of my fave pics as well. I actually had the wasp on my desktop for awhile… now it’s the moonset pic… soo gorgeous! Hope you don’t mind me using them! ;o)

  4. clearly my nerdiness has kept me awake. but it all works now. including a secret new message forum which i am testing out for pacific front recordings. lookin’ good so far.

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