stand round hold hands

The last tear that you cried
Was your last wave goodbye
The first arc of the sun
Appeared in the sky
To light up the room
And all who stand round
Holding your hand
She gave you a flower
To plant before dawn
And gave us this house
With a wild green lawn
The longer it’s been
The deeper it goes
No one can live
On this much sleep
If I let you in, you’ll ruin my day
If I let you out, you’ll look back and see
That I’m tired beyond belief
And I’m scared to fall asleep
I thought that I lay awake in my room
Until I woke it slowly seeped in
She beats on my chest, I’ve been here before
I thought that I heard feet in the hall

by The Zephyrs, remix by Ulrich Schnauss .. incredible tune, just stupidly good. i took the long way home tonight.

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  1. The first touch, once more.
    The warmth,
    Between your fingers,
    At last.
    Renewal of that familiar awkward smile,
    Only moments long,
    Before it all spills and tumbles,
    Back the way it was before.
    This moment,
    Stands strong,
    Against all others,
    As it plummets towards you,
    Gathering and gathering.
    And here,
    What you had,
    Always believed exists,

  2. Wow those are powerful words David, where are they from? Some of it closely resembles a piece of lyrics that I had jotted down late last nite on the SeaBus .. I thought I was being original .. lol.

  3. Those words are my words. The lyrics you put up reminded me of when Lana and I were apart. Don’t really know why because it is not a direct connection but they did.
    Our thoughts must be linked. 🙂
    Let’s combine them and get rid of all the sloppy bits in mine. Open Source lyrics. 🙂

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