if it looks like anything

i am on the north shore right now, but basically if you could see it from downtown right now it would look something like this. clouds are over the city centre offices (hehehe) and it’s clear and brilliant here, an usual juxtoposition but it seems to happen once every couple weeks. no arguements here, yesterday it was dark at 3 PM with cloud cover and all.
i am talking to rishi on msn about inevitabilities and we have agreed on a few, which is kinda a neat thing to share.
today is the day i get lots of work done. oh yeah, a tonne has already been done. i got a headache so i didn’t go to carrie’s b-day bash at sonar last night, instead i went to sleep at 10:45. 10:45 on a friday night! who’s the party man? oh yeah! but i feel great today.
speaking of inevitabilities, i am just about done a second remix of charles’ ultra cool “ghosted” track and he just finished up a remix of justin’s enormous “voice of qi”. remixes of prominence and dreamcache are being worked on and the wheels are in motion.
i guess this is a production post but i have been doing so many of them lately that i’d rather just make this a blog post. i mean this is my life, and it would be a blog post anyways, but posting pictures blows the crap out of the layout on the AFK site, a minor oversite on my part but easy enough to deal with.
lots to do, gotta go, see ya on the other side. it’s definitely a pro-fit baseball hat day.
listening to live – throwing copper

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