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every week for the last looong long time, the fabulous seattle dj chloe harris (whom i happen to have a huge crush on, shhh, don’t tell) has been putting together mixes of the latest and greatest from around the world for the ever-up-front website. so it is fair to say i am pretty stoked that she started this week’s show off with my newest track, “emily’s china.”
if you’re curious as to what emily’s china sounds like, take a listen to the newest sound bytes. here is the tracklisting:

  1. AFK – Emily’s China [Unsigned]
  2. Derek Howell – I Was Just Leaving [Bedrock]
  3. Space Manoeuvres – Quadrant 4 (Dousk Terran Mix) [Lost Language]
  4. Leama & Moor – Fact Of The Matter [Lost Language]
  5. The MFA – The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher Mix) [Kompakt]

ps: last night turned out really good.

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  1. Hey Davin,
    Paula here from the HYDRO Crew – I am coming home (Vancouver) for Christmas … WANNA REUNITE THE “CREW”? Let me know your thoughts …

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