formulate – rising edge

the second release on pacific front recordings comes from justin humber, aka formulate. if you’ve been attending certain all night events and club nights in the victoria and vancouver area for the last few months, you’ve likely heard this blasting at the peak hours of the night.
“An eight minute dancefloor-igniting groover backed by a bassline that refuses to be ignored. Packaged with a fitful, punchy breakbeat mix courtesy of AFK.”

my point of view: this is justin’s first official release (if you don’t count the PFRX releases, which are quite good) on Pacific Front Recordings. since plotting for the label began, a lot has changed, including me moving from victoria to vancouver, and possibly justin as well, and definitely charles. what hasn’t changed over the last several years is justin’s amazing talent for writing quality progressive house, and i am honoured to run a music label with him — and also honoured to remix a track i lost it to on the dance floor earlier this year. how cool is that? so cool.

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  1. dayum, d00d. I’m sincerely enjoying these tracks. I thought I would be sold on the original but your breaks mix takes us in a whole new direction. Now I want both. Which, I guess, is the whole point.

  2. wow — both tracks are great. the writeup on justin’s version does not lie — that bassline demands your attention. and the beat in your version kicks something fierce… i’m loving that huge breakdown in the middle (in a non-mcdonaldy kind of way).

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