it was worth it

haa haa, woo hoo victoria! good times central.
friday night someone asked me something bery bery special and i said yes. omg. more on that later! *suspense*
after, i hung out with jenlucy, adrian, jen, ryan (dave), miguel and some more at the alibi room .. cool place in the east end.
saturday i made the 1 pm ferry, a feat of making a reservation for en-route pickup by PCL and seabus mastery. scheduling skillz. no main street bus for me. hah!
in the afternoon met up with charles, he gave me two records .. wicked. proggy breaks. mm. then we had dinner at my parents place and went to meet james pezguy at qv’s. we ran into mike ph0ng and leah there, and then me james and charles went to go photoshoot the arena in construction. some neat shots were taken but we were both suffering from dead camera batteries.
thanks to erik starting things off right, i had a great night last night. home by 6:30. AM. i’ll definitely leave it at that.
today i had lunch with new-hair jason and i guess it was actually breakfast. bluefox was full and with a lineup even at 2 pm so we went to avalon which was an unexpected and welcome delight. yummy breakfast food; i recommend their toast. then it was over to windrim’s for some grey cup action. what a disappointing game. i remember why i don’t watch the cfl anymore. besides not having a tv…
text messaging is working well this weekend. no long distance calls so far. thats what i expect. 3 photoshoots tomorrow.. very cool.

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