this wont be a kryptoblog windtalking post. i got a complaint letter from building management about the noise on saturday night during my hauswarming party. i feel bad that i was responsible for keeping some folx from enjoying their saturday night 11 PM tea (??). (that’s a joke.) in all seriousness, i would have preferred […]

sorry everybody

i love this. i mean i think it’s smart, but in an intelligent way. not smarmy-smart, but more like good intelligent communication. there’s some thought here which goes a long way: basically the site goes ahead and apologizes to the rest of the world (not america) for the election results. they claim to speak […]


reminds you of.. this is my list .. idea from someone..don’t remember who.. you take this list of what reminds you of what and so on.. it’s an association game.. i originally wrote this on 2002-09-20 22:21:06.. wow. it’s been in draft for over two years.. Cranberries – Linger (reminds you of an ex-lover) U2 […]