housewarming the white cave

the hauswarming was über last night. the white cave was broken in .. in style. thank you to all who could make it. my place feels better with people in it. so much better. now i feel like i am here. having visitors and all. awesome.
anand and soren put together my new futon whilst i got ready for the party and sorted things out. i took care of them with gin and tonic and a fine selection of sleeman’s best. the new futon pwnz and today i got a an external firewire dvd+rw drive, so i can watch movies. first one i popped in: the extended version of LOTR. niiiiiiiiice! i have to admit that i had to haxx0r OSX to let me play a DVD off of an external drive. apple disabled external drives from playing video due to some ‘legalities’ which they don’t explain. anyway i haxxed it and now it works dandy.

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  1. Whoot! I am a fantastic photographer… no really, I meant for those shots to be too dark and/or blurry! I have better luck with my own camera… yours has too many focking buttons.

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