sorry everybody

i love this. i mean i think it’s smart, but in an intelligent way. not smarmy-smart, but more like good intelligent communication. there’s some thought here which goes a long way:
basically the site goes ahead and apologizes to the rest of the world (not america) for the election results. they claim to speak for the other 50% .. so they’re not pretending to represent everybody.. just the democrats really. and the nader supporters. yeah. anyways the site explains itself fairly well and i think it’s a fabulously simple but effective use of the internet.
the second picture is taken from the site. the first one was election night at jenlucy’s.
thanks for that link jordan. if the site is slow it’s because of a tonne of traffic. i mean that site. this site too, actually. did a gig of traffic yesterday and would have continued .. krishen had some rad videos from ultimate on the server, but they became too popular and so he took them offline a few mins ago, which immediately made a huge difference in my download speed .. i am moving a bunch of files from work to home since i am working at home today.. and possibly monday as well.

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  1. the videos have been rehosted on my .mac account, and actually they ARE a lot faster now, just like you predicted. 🙂
    for the curious, the vids can be found here:
    and yes, it’s true. it’s important not to generalize — just because that sob is in power, doesn’t mean he represents everyone’s opinion. just under half of the country is very, very sorry. i couldn’t get to the website, though — looks like the domain is parked by (or maybe the ip just hasn’t propagated down here yet…)

  2. Site looks great Davin! I think the rest of the world is as sorry as the near half of the US… except Poland. Damn poles.

  3. Finally I can get through! Great idea, whoever put the site together. There’s a tendency outside the US to lump all Americans into Bush lovers, and it’s definitely not the case. I’m sorry I’m Canadian and couldn’t do anything about it. 🙁

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