this wont be a kryptoblog windtalking post.
i got a complaint letter from building management about the noise on saturday night during my hauswarming party. i feel bad that i was responsible for keeping some folx from enjoying their saturday night 11 PM tea (??). (that’s a joke.)
in all seriousness, i would have preferred to not have disturbed my neighbours, however, they did not phone or knock on my door — therefore i didn’t even have a chance to turn down the stereo or tell people to talk quietly on the deck. i don’t even know which actually caused the complaint — the building manager doesn’t know either.
wow, this feels [bleep]ty that my neighbours wouldn’t knock, the assistant building manager on duty wouldn’t phone, but instead preferred to stay disturbed and write a letter.
maybe it’s just the way i deal with things, but i don’t feel like this was dealt with appropriately. i can appreciate it if they didn’t want to disturb us in the middle of disturbing them.. but that makes no sense. so .. what?
so that is that. a letter really isn’t so bad, but it’s just so impersonable. i guess. and i would’ve preferred not to disturb them. i didn’t know.

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  1. I know what you mean … down here they just send out the cops. Several months ago Krishen, my sister, Melissa and I were playing a Tetris-type game on the computer when … *knock* *knock* … it is the cops. No call saying quiet down please … no knock on the wall … heck I didn’t even get a letter, but instead the boys in blue.
    Now, we called about this. Turns out people do that to avoid further disturbance (often physical). I personally think its a cock of cowardess … if you don’t like what I am doing. Tell me. Otherwise, I can’t fix the problem.
    Needless to say, we turned down the computer speaks … though the look on the cops face when he found no-stereo and 4 people was priceless 🙂

  2. that’s too bad, but maybe it’s a ‘rule’ of the place? i know in my place I’m not allowed to talk to other tenants myself and if I have a complaint I have to tell the landlord. sigh. whatever.

  3. Yeah that’s cowardly shit. Why don’t they just turn their hearing aids down?
    What these quiet-loving folks fail to realize is that if they are polite and respectful in their request, they will be respected in turn (usually) and everyone will be better off. Even when it’s a bunch of rowdy hooligans like us, who (horrors!) might be talking loud or, even worse, laughing, on a Saturday night.
    Plus, it’s just a heck of a lot more classy to deal honesty and directly with people, instead of sneaking around and having letters written via third parties. But you must remember, class is not a universal attribute.
    Shy Me, what country do you live in? Because here in Canada, we are allowed to talk to anyone we want, even if they are our neighbors, lol.

  4. Primary reason why I will NEVER live in an apartment. Apartments are dj killers. They suck up what little freedom they offer you with their obtrusely enclosed spaces and their popcorn “acoustical” ceilings which never seem to do anything but disperse their little tiny white flecks of plaster droppings all over your moderately cleaned low-to-no pyle carpet. In addition to this, you are surrounded by closely gathered hordes of “neighbors” who are in the same life sucker of a dwelling that you are. Whey they hell do they call them “Apart-ments”? Booo-urns I say. Get a house. Come down here mate, I’ll put you up. ; )

  5. my landlord showed up at my door a couple years back with a confused look on his face. “what’s….techno music?” he asked.
    so that’s a pretty broad topic, but he’s in his fifties so i wasn’t about to point him towards ishkur or anything. instead i mumbled something or other about synthetic dance-type music.
    “well,” he said, “the people downstairs are moving out today, and they mentioned you’ve been bothering them with your….techo music for years.”
    well how was i to respond to that? i mean, they’d been living just under my floor for years hating me sideways but never said a single thing, i hadn’t a clue. just a word from them, or even from my landlord by proxy, twenty months earlier and i would have known there was a problem.
    there was a bit of a solution though for the next tennant. while the apt downstairs was empty, my landlord came and we did some experiments, and by adjusting the volume and travelling up and down, i was able to determine an acceptable volume for when the next people moved in.
    now, the guy upstairs, there’s a whole ‘nother story. when i first moved in here, it was as if i could get away with anything noise-wise. but as the years went by, he became more and more sensitive, and he’d bang on the floor at the slightest suggestion of rhythm. when it reached the absurd, one night around seven with the music not loud at all and his thumping began, i decided to try a new approach. he thumped, to which i’d always dutifully responded with lower volume, and i instead notched it up two and left it there. that happened a couple of times and he got the message, and now he usually only thumps when i’m actually being just a little too loud.
    what is techno music anyway?

  6. it’s very curious to me when people would rather communicate in such a way that everyone remains a little disturbed. chances are, when we talk about things everyone leaves feeling better then they did before hand.
    it’s unfortunate they didn’t give you a chance to resolve things. your neighbours now think you’re one of those loud, inconsiderate tenants, when you would have been happy to try and satisfy everyone.

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