why am i such an idiot

my phone bill is horrendous. and i feel like garbage and i can’t concentrate on anything. i can’t see myself napping either. it’s time for something new. i just realized today that i spend 2 hours a day commuting. that includes 15 minutes walking to the bus stop, leaving another 5 minutes early so that i don’t miss the bus, 25-30 minute busride up marine drive, and 10 minute walk to the office from the bus stop.
and reverse again.
i guess i am realizing that things aren’t as peachy as i thought they would be here. or could be.
i look every day for a letter in the mail but all i am getting is misaddressed mail and correctly addressed bills.
i am going to eat chocolate for dinner.

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  1. *hug*
    I spend 2 hours a day commuting, too. It’s just something us city dwellers have to deal with. Well, most of us.
    I wish I didn’t have so much homework. I’d call you and drag you out for steamed milk and conversation.

  2. first of all… i can help you with the phone bill. if it’s because you’re calling long distance a lot, you need to hit up Skype. (www.skype.com) – It’s voice-over-IP software that costs about 2c a minute to 20 countries. Stop using your damn cell phone for long distance at once!
    second – you’re just getting settled in and the first couple of months is going to be pretty stressful. i recommend keeping up with exercise, sleep (although your sleep pattern is a nightmare to most people anyway) and eating well. currently i’m exercising, eating like absolute shit and not feeling well at all. i think you need to find balance.
    i’ll come over at some point soon and we can hang out, do some drinking and whatever else you can drum up for fun over there. wordity word.

  3. don’t be sad davin, you could be living in winnipeg. just kidding. it will all work out. it always does. don’t be sad. send me your addy and i will write you a christmas card. (L) tash

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