forgotten robots

last night in the depths of whatever it is you want to call it, i told richard about how me and devon were listening to a bunch of switchgear tunes last week. she has a bunch burned on to CD and she put them on without telling me who it was.. and i was like “damn.. this is good .. what is this.. i know this..”
and then and there on msn i realized that me and richard have written two songs together and.. so i pulled them out. one of them was almost complete — it was just in need of an ending and some polishing and bits and bats. so i got on it — the first time i had really done any work on any music since i have been here in north vancouver. i plowed through it, making adjustments and tweaking — and adding a whole new arpegiation complete with unique instrumentation. i loaded on a stack of new effects to various parts and voila. there it was!
i sent it to richard and he put it through some massive compression unit he’s got over at his studio, and then he sent it back to me. huuuuge. i sent it to justin, he likes it so much he wants to do a remix of it (!) and made a couple helpful suggestions which i used on the second stab at it. i axed a bunch of reverb and i also put in two new percussion units which just slaaaaaay and the song is tite now. we don’t have a name for the tune yet but i think “forgotten robots” is kind of a neat one, since we almost forgot about it. i sent it to richard and he engineered the compression on it once more, giving it a similar feel to my Nine Inch Nails remix in terms of ducking and such.
that felt really good to finish off a tune in the new place. part of the reason i felt awful yesterday was because i was thinking about how my new place was so perfect for making music, but i had not even attempted to make anything. rad.
update, 5:00 PM: maybe forgotten robots should be our alias? we don’t have one..
update, 5:01 PM: i should mention that richard = switchgear. that makes this a bit more significant!

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  1. I understand that, Charles. It’s like when a writer finishes a novel… The characters are gone, and the writer feels so lonely. It happens to many prolific writers… Actually just recently heard these exact sentiments from Louis de Bernieres, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, among others..
    I guess it’s what happens when you pour your soul into something, get wrapped up in it. Upon completion, you have to let it go.

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