one evening redesign

i suppose it’s 2 am. but what the hay! i redesigned the whole thing from start to finish tonight. thanks goes to jim for diligently testing it on the windoze side the second it arrived on the web. there were a few issues, but we ironed them out in pretty short order. now i just gotta redux the photo gallery and then we’re set. i’m going to upgrade to the new version of gallery first tho. i’ll save that for tomorrow night.
the photo is from begbie st. in victoria. emily pointed out the weird light from a nearby traffic light bouncing off the manhole cover.. since everything else is non-reflective, its pretty cool looking on its own!
i also (finally) have an “about” page. what should i put on there? whadya wanna know that you don’t already know? this site was originally only intended for a few of my friends to have a boo at, but i see that there are a few more folks reading that i don’t know. so here you go, this is your chance to ask me whatever you want and i’ll answer it in the “about” section. whirred.

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  1. looks FAB! i like it a lot!
    i was thinking about my pending redesign on the way to work this morning.
    i had some coolio ideas, and you my have even inspired me to get it going. thx

  2. hey folx, thanks for your feedback!
    i still gotta fix a couple things, mostly to do with spacing / css and some more images for the circle. the blog is going to have a randomly selected image in that area, and each other area is going to have its own little bit there as well. like, i could change the type. re: “davinows” — thank you also too as well, jim noted this and i’m going to change it this evening so that the dot is smaller and less o-like. customized menu headers will also be made and the comments template will have congruent colors. which is all pretty easy stuff!!
    any questions for the about section..? it’s going to be boring otherwise. i am boring.

  3. for the about section, mention something about busses, everybody loves people who talk about busses.
    like have you noticed how bus drivers ALWAYS wave to eachother, i think it’s sweet personally.. makes me wonder who started it.

  4. I think you should talk a little bit about what you wanted to be when you grew up, back when you were nine. And other childhood stuff. It makes for good insight into your character- not only the stuff itself, but the stuff you choose to share. -psychoanalytical mischiff

  5. questions or the about… basic stuff like: what do you see as your primary interests; do you feel that you’ve hit a chord with you life such that the things you accomplished and will accomplish are making you happy; and perhaps the really really basic things like what those interests are and perhaps a introspective bit on who you feel you are might be good.

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