oh yeah!

i am sooooooooooooooo tired. it’s like. the weekend of no sleep. so. after having dinner at my aunt and uncles on friday i went with anand to go see josee allard at the nelson st. cafe .. we met up with leah there. it was part of the new music west conference and it was […]

emily’s china

“hey want a drink?” “sure” [bird flies over] [makes insane alien-like noises after listening to us drink] “holy crap what was that??” “china makes this noise..” “i sooo want to sample that and put it in a song..” * * * “hi i brought my minidisc recorder..” * * * “so you’re going to make […]


i went to the ubc museum of anthropology on tuesday night to check out a lecture by patricia vickers. along the way, being lost in the fog, i took a few shots on the way in and the way out.. it’s funny .. out of all the valuable things i have photographed in vancouver .. […]